Vip Events Security

אבטחת-אירועים--בראשיSecuring Events Attended by Numerous VIPs
Security Squad secures events organized by the leading production companies in Israel and around the world, and protects distinguished VIP hosts and guests attending events in the most prestigious venues in Israel.
The secured events include, for example, wedding receptions of VIPs, corporate conferences and private gatherings attended by business moguls, high ranking officials, members of the social elite and other eminent guests from Israel and abroad.
Well in advance of the event, Security Squad surveys the venue to detect vulnerabilities and prevent risks, and plans the security arrangemאבטחת-אישיים--בראשיents to that they include an effective response to any potential scenario. The company’s involvement continues throughout the duration of the event to ensure its smooth running, until its conclusion.
Special emphasis is placed on assimilating a security solution that is all-inclusive and meticulous in attention to detail. Care is taken to ensure that the security agents assigned to protect the host and guests blend into the environment as they provide comprehensive coverage at the highest security level.