Airport VIP services

Boeing 777These VIP services are intended for high-level business sector guests, politicians and senior officials, famous performing artists, celebrities and individuals interested in having the airport entry procedures carried out on their behalf while they wait comfortably in the VIP lounge.
In the case of VIP guests arriving in Israel, Security Squad’s personnel await them with a luxury car or limousine. Upon disembarking, they are driven to the exclusive Masada lounge, where they wait comfortably while the administrative arrangements are completed: passport control, baggage collection, etc. To make their short stay in the lounge more pleasant, they are offered refreshments at the high level they are accustomed to. Once the airport entry procedure is completed, the VIPs are driven to their destination in their awaiting luxury vehicle.
In the case of departing VIPs, Security Squad’s personnel pick up the passengers and their baggage from a location of their choice, and dric1ve them to the airport in a luxury vehicle directly to the Masada VIP lounge. As they enjoy refreshments, the personnel attend to all the pre-flight arrangements, and once completed, drive the VIP guests directly to the aircraft.
Security Squad provides VIP airport services in various countries around the world. For further information regarding the list of airports, please contact us.