VIP Protection

IMG_4479__Sivan_Farag_Photographer_copySecurity Squad provides VIP security services to world-leading businessmen, high-ranking politicians, international movie stars and world-renowned musicians, as well as high-level dignitaries arriving in Israel on official visits – including their spouses and children. The company is identified in Israel and around the world with an uncompromising level of professionalism, reliability and discreetness.
Security Squad provides VIP security services at a professional level that equals that of Israeli governmental security bodies. Its operational teams are comprised of former agents of these bodies, as well as former combatants from elite units of the Israel Defense Forces, who still regularly serve within the framework of reserves units, and thus maintain a superior level of operational preparedness.
The company develops a tailored security solution for each of its clients, to optimally meet their particular needs. It provides protection from the full range of potential threats the clients face, thus allowing them to continue their routine activities with the peace of mind resulting from the knowledge that they are safe and secure. Security Squad protects some clients around the clock, 24/7/365, and others for predefined periods of time, for example, on trips taken for business or vacation purposeסבאן- לעבוד הביתs, often accompanied by their spouses and children, and also during conventions, weddings, and events attended by distinguished guests.
The wide international presence of Security Squad, the strong ties it maintains with national security agencies in many countries and its cooperation with meticulously screened local companies, allow it to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to any scenario, in any location.
Security Squad’s comprehensive VIP security services include emergency plans for diverse threat scenarios, developed on the basis of continuously updated intelligence and periodic risk assessments. Where the potential for risk is high, it assigns a highly skilled quick response operational team, which can extract the client from any location around the world within several hours.
Paramedics who are experienced in providing emergency medical care can also be assigned to the team. All the paramedics employed by Security Squad remain active in operational units: in the Israel Air Force’s famed extraction unit, in Israel Security Agency and in the Red Star of David (equivalent in Israel to the Red Cross) – all of whom demand an outstanding level of performance in emergency situations.