Maritime Security

אבטחת יאכטות יוקרתיות- משני 1Security for Luxury Yachts

Security Squad’s Maritime Security Department specializes in protecting luxury yachts around the world. Its clients include royal families, members of the world business elite, and various wealthy clients from around the world. The significant representation of maritime security experts in the company’s board of directors, its Vice President’s background and the members of its operational teams, which comprise former Israeli Navy commandos, attest to the great importance Security Squad attributes to this area of activity.

The company provides its services to luxury and mega yachts in a manner best meeting their owners’ needs: from securing a particular voyage, to comprehensive coverage 24/7/365 – when the yacht is sailing the open seas, and when docking in ports and marinas around the globeאבטחת יאכטות יוקרתיות- משני 2.

Security Squad’s Maritime Security Department dispatches teams to any location worldwide at short notice, where their activities are managed either from its headquarters in Israel, or from its branches in Miami, Monaco or Corfu (Greece). The highly skilled team members all benefit from extensive operational experience in the marine environment, including in diving, and are accustomed to spending extended periods of time onboard vessels. They are equipped with the most advanced technological means available on the market, as necessary to ensure the successful execution of their tasks.

Upon request, a trained paramedic may be assigned as a member of the maritime security team as well, whether for a limited period of time, or as a permanent member.