VIP residence security

אבטחת בתי אחמים- משני 1Security Squad protects the residences of international business moguls, members of the social elite, world-famous performing artists and other wealthy and influential clients.

The company’s security experts analyze the potential threats faced by each client, on the one hand, and the characteristics of his residence and its surroundings, on the other hand. A tailored security solution is then developed to best match these unique characteristics. The security methods employed are either overt, covert or a combination of the two – as most appropriate for the situation. Special emphasis is placed on assimilating solutions that blend into the lifestyle and routine of the client and his family, to minimize disruption.

The security teams protecting the VIP residences are former combatants in elite Israel Defense Forces unitshh.

The company places advanced technological means at their disposal, if and as required, to ensure the success of their missאבטחת בתי אחמים- משני 2ion.

VIP residence security services are provided as needed – whether round-the-clock, 24/7/365, or for predefined periods of time.