Corporate Offices Security

Security for Corporate Offices of Leading Companies
Security Squad’s clientele includes world leading companies and international corporations that are interested in protecting their offices and various assets, as well as their senior executives and visiting business associates.
Security Squad’s experts first perform a threat analysis to identify and rank all the potential threats faced by the client organization, conduct a site security survey and proceed to develop a customized security solution incorporating a variety of components, including advanced technologies. When the offices are located in a high-risk environment, the solution also includes emergency procedures for all relevant scenarios, including evacuation. The comprehensive security solution delivered by Security Squad allows the client organizations to continue conducting business securely and without interruption, including at times when the threat level is elevated.
Security Squad also provides its clients with intelligence reports to prepare their senior executives prior to trips abroad to potentially unsafe locations. It also prepares executives who are planned to relocate to high risk countries or cities, with or without their families. The consulting focuses on preventive behavior, specific areas and sites best to avoid, etc.
When traveling for business or pleasure, corporate clients often request complementary services for the duration of their journey, such as VIP security, security for their luxury yacht or security for events.