Security Consulting

תמונה ליעוץ ביטחוניSecurity Squad’s security experts have acquired vast knowledge and experience in the various fields of security, when serving in governmental security agencies and elite Israel Defense Forces units. Most of the senior security consultants joined the company after having served in the above agencies and units for decades, in both operational and senior command roles. They continue to serve within the framework of reserve units, constantly updating their knowledge and familiarizing themselves with the latest methods and means.
The security consultants’ areas of expertise include the performance of threat and risk assessments, conducting security surveys, developing and implementing tailored security solutions, preparing intelligence briefs and operation orders.
The services are provided with the utmost discreetness and confidentiality. Where applicable, reports detailing findings and recommendations are submitted.
The activities are carried out in Israel and in many countries around the globe – where the company’s clients reside, work and travel to. Often, after studying the reports, clients request Security Squad to develop a cתמונה ליעוץ ביטחוני 2omprehensive, tailored security solution based on the submitted recommendations, and assimilate it into their organization.
Security Squad provides consulting services to world leading companies in various sectors and industries: financial organizations, hi-tech companies, security providers, hotel chains, members of the entertainment industry and many more.
Additionally, the company provides security consulting services for large-scale events, for example, mass-spectator sporting events, royal weddings, and international ceremonies attended by numerous VIPs. The consulting usually focuses on developing an effective security response to a wide range of emergency scenarios, such as terror attacks aimed at generating widespread media attention, hostage taking and various crises.