Gal Greenberg

Gal established Security Squad in 2002, and continues to serve as its CEO and as a member of its Board of Directors to this day.

    Gal has acquired 20 years of experience in the fields of security and intelligence, during which he managed complex security missions and projects in Israel and around the world.

    Gal serves as the personal security consultant to senior management teams of companies and corporations listed high on the Fortune 100 list, leading members of the international business community and wealthy upper-class clients in Israel and worldwide. He specializes in planning and designing multi-component security solutions, whether as ad-hoc or long-term projects, at an unparalleled professional level, while maintaining uncompromising discreetness and confidentiality.

    Gal is considered by many of his upscale clients as their trusted advisor on matters pertaining to their own security, and to the security of their spouses and children. He is a recognized expert in various areas of security and a member of leading international forums of security experts.

    Gal holds a degree in social sciences and economics.

    As the CEO of Security Squad, he leads the company and all its activities.

    Ram Zilberman

    Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President

      Upon his discharge from the Israeli Navy Commando five years ago, at the rank of Major, Ram was appointed Vice President of Security Squad. During his decade in the Navy Commando, he filled a variety of sensitive operational roles.

      Ram instills the standards and capabilities of the Israeli Navy Commando into Security Squad’s operational teams, and is responsible for the continuous upgrading oftheir operational capabilities.

      He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration.

      In addition to his responsibilities as the company’s VP, Ram leads its Maritime Security Department, and is personally involved in developing and implementing tailor-made security solutions for luxury and mega yachts, as well as for merchant ships.

      Yaron Blum

      Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Security and Intelligence Consultant to Security Squad

        Yaron served in the Israel Security Agency (ISA) for 30 years, at the core of its intelligence and operational activities – in the field, as well as in command positions. During these years he managed intelligence systems, commanded operations, initiated multidisciplinary missions in Israel and internationally, and maintained close working relations with a variety of governmental entities. He was selected as the ISA’s representative in extremely delicate hostage release negotiations, until their successful conclusion.

        Additionally, Yaron served as the Security Officer of El Al and other Israeli airlines in Rome, Paris and Munich, with overall responsibility for the security of the passengers, aircraft and cargo.

        He is currently a Research Fellow of The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel.

        Yaron holds a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree in political science, and an MA in International Relations. He is also a graduate of the ISA’s senior command training program, and of senior executive management programs, among others.

        Yaron leads and personally supervises intelligence projects undertaken by Security Squad. He is also responsible for the company’s relations and cooperation with security bodies in Israel and worldwide, and provides consulting services in the fields of security, with emphasis placed on aviation security, and intelligence.

        Avi Arzoni

        Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Maritime Security and Technology Consultant

          Avi completed 30 years of service in the Israeli Navy at the rank of Rear Admiral. During his military service he filled all the core positions, and acquired vast expertise and experience in diverse areas: managing complex systems, the operational units (submarines, missile boats, mission-specific marine vessels), the techno-logistical systems, command and control units and unique technological bodies. He also commanded technology-intensive combat vessels in a complex and dynamic environment, and has led and commanded international exercises with foreign navies.

          Avi has acquired broad expertise and experience in protecting coasts, seaports, strategic facilities and marine vessels. Furthermore, he is an expert in intelligence, possessing in-depth knowledge in the most advanced intelligence technologies existing today, in the field of cyber security and in protecting computing systems.

          He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration, and a Master’s degree in national security from the National Security Academy. He is also a graduate of the National Security and Leadership Academy of the US Naval Command College.

          Avi provides consulting services to Security Squad in maritime security and in security technologies, and is also responsible for maintaining contact with the navies of various countries.